Barrel of Fun #15


A photo taken from “I Live Here Now”, the collection that shows the creative process of Julie Pacino’s homonym movie. A creative work that brings together photography, NFTs and film production: this is Keepers of the Inn, a groundbreaking project whose stated goal is to “democratize the way films are created”.

“I Live Here Now” is a horror-tinged feature film, that tells the psychological drift of a pregnant young actress, guest of a disturbing inn.

The truly original idea, however, is the path that led to the production of the film, exploiting the power of NFTs to finance the project, and the creativity of the community to make it happen.

Every owner of a piece of the collection, in fact, had the opportunity to vote on every creative choice made by the director, as well as being entitled to participate to the first screening of the film, and to receive free merchandise and set props.

In addition to represent a real breakthrough in self-financing of independent films, “I Live Here Now” underlines the value that NFTs could have on creative decisions in the future. The inclusion of these digital works, using the director’s words, is a necessary tool to dismantle the financial barriers that keep films by marginalized groups from reaching the screen.

Barrel of Fun #15 shows the moment in the film in which the innkeepers are introduced for the first time. They are described as ambiguous characters with an unclear interest for the protagonist’s body.

Julie Pacino is an American producer, director and videomaker. Born in 1989, her most popular works so far are the short films Hard Work, Nowhere to Go, and Nadia Jaan. She is the first daughter of actor Al Pacino.

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