This work by Reylarsdam, a Mexican visual artist, is a collectable NFT from the Creyzies series, a collection of 10,000 items. Some of its rarest pieces reached a price of 10 ETH (€ 18,000).

A project generated entirely from the artist’s hand drawings, borned as a companion collection of the mfers series. A welcome surprise for all owners of the related series, because by just owning an NFT they were entitled to get its companion.

Thus, those who purchased even a single piece of mfers received a Creyzie, a digital illustration that traces artist sartoshi’s series’ characters, reinterpreting them with an acid style that recalls a street art aesthetic.

Creyzie #2810 is no exception, overturning the key elements of mfers (the user leaning on the desk chair, the blank stare, the watch on the wrist) with a lysergic treatment. The typical approach of street art is further enhanced by the caricatural joint stuck between the protagonist’s teeth.

Pablo Esteban Sánchez Rijlaarsdam (REY or Reylarsdam in the crypto environment) was born in 1988 in Mexico City. Son of a painter, he discovered his love for art as a young boy, inspired by cartoons and video games. At 11 years old he moved to the Netherlands with his family, where he came in contact with the world of European museums.

Fascinated by painters as Karel Appel, Rembrandt and Van Gogh, he studied Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. After his studies, he decides to satisfy his childhood dream to become a painter, taking the DIY attitude from Punk Rock and skateboarding culture.

He then moved to Mexico again, in Oaxaca, “the city of painters”, where he started experimenting with large scale canvases and new materials. In the last two years, the path of art and expression led him to NFT and crypto, a world that gave him a lot of possibilities and a new sense of belonging.

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