The Medici’s Herald


One of the many works made by Rata Yonqui for $LIT, is a tribute to the greatest patron of digital art in the world, Cozomo De’ Medici. The opera presents itself as a GIF, a 16-bit animation in which the sprite of an anthropomorphic rat, the artist’s signature, rides a dark horse standing out against an imposing and pixelated cloudy sky. The thin frame that surrounds the work gives the idea of ​​a painting in constant motion, and the fine making of the loop creates an alienating disorientation.

The iconography of equestrian monuments is distorted, with the rider to symbolically represent the artist’s mission to spread culture, “on royal quest for House Medici”.

Rata Yonqui, is a graphic designer, digital and comic artist from Medellin, Colombia. He has joined the NFT’s world in September 2021, often collaborating with Cozomo De’ Medici (Snoop Dogg).

Rata Yonqui is 39 years old Colombian artist from Medellin. Since his childhood he loved drawing, and as a teenager he started making his first GIFs on Photoshop. He was a professional graphic designer and comic artist, before joining the NFT community in September 2021, an experience that he describes as life changing: “a rush of creativity and production like never before”. He only recently begun to define himself as an artist, even though he prefers the term “cryptoartist”.

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